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Sarenza is a French e-Commerce company specializing in the online sale of shoes and accessories. Based in Paris, Sarenza offers a selection of hundreds of different brands and tens of thousands of styles.

A former employee said this in a review: "It was a very bad experience working in Sarenza, the pay is poor compared to the work you have to do".


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Digital Marketing, CRM & Animation (Current Employee) says

"A good place to work but not very inspiring environment - not a place where one can grow"

Service client (Former Employee) says

"C'était une entreprise géniale, avec une ambiance fun mais malheureusement elle a beaucoup changé depuis 1 an. Cons: management, salaire, conditions de travail"

Chargée d'expertise retour clients (Current Employee) says

"Environnement calme et agréable , privilège de voir toutes les chaussures sur place ^^"

responsable maîtrise d'ouvrage (Former Employee) says

"Bien pour un stage ou un premier emploi, politique d'équilibre vie pro et vie perso"

Controller (Former Employee) says

"je suis en train d'écrire pour passer cette étape ô combien ennuyeuse."

Former Employee - Chargée De Client says

"I worked at Sarenza full-time for less than a year Cons: - Low salaries - No flexibility when it comes to working hours - The possibility for a pay raise or a promotion is close to non-existent - A place where people only work for the pay check"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Sarenza full-time Cons: very french environment. messy IT system. breaks down very often."

Expat In France says

"Ordered sandals that broke down within one month asked for a refund. Customer services never responding"

Thomas Spock says

"Ordered sandals May 16, 2020, still have not received my order. Requested refund have not received refund."

Chuck says

"Horrible service - still waiting after 2 months. They take your money and don’t deliver anything. What a scam."

Daniel Burow says

"Ordered sandals back in Late May and have never received them. The tracking always said in transit for weeks/months on end. When checking again notification said delivered which they never were. I emailed them once in July and explained my situation and their answer was how sorry they were and reminded me that I couldn’t get my money back unless I sent the sandals back to them. Can’t return what you never received. Caveat Emptor ( buyer beware ) as far as I’m concerned this company is a scam. Do not order from them. Update the sandals arrived 09/01/20 excellent sandals, comfortable as advertised. Lesson learned check reviews before ordering. I do not recommend Salenza 👎"

Jim Cheverie says

"I ordered and paid for sandals on June 01. I got nothing. The company told me to check the US Postal Service. It is now August 20. I got nothing and the company tracking system says they were delivered. I got nothing. This company is a scam and the gang working there are criminals!"

Mary P says

"Ordered sandals on June 16, 2020. Got co formation that they are ready To be shipped and a tracking number. Have not been shipped and it is now August 16, 2020. No response to emails about getting a refund. Where else can I report this scam?"

Robert Keaton says

"I ordered sandals June 02, 2020 have not received them as of July 25, I canceled the order and have not received confirmation yet."

David Baker says

"ordered sandals E-mail said they were shipped June 21st. Never received and tracking number was not real"

Kathaleen says

"i ordered 3 USA shirts and the company is advertised as a USA company with flags as their motif, the shirts are coming from china, which they lied about and i still haven't gotten them and they have told me for weeks that they were going to be here soon, don't trust them, SCAM!!!!"

J.S. says

"Problems with refund of the money. Item returned 29.11., I have no refund yet (21.12.)."

B. French says

"great shoes, horrendous customer service I ordered an expensive pair of boots and after 2 weeks looked into why I hadn't received them. The box had been damaged so Hermes didn't deliver. Send an email to customer service for new shoes, no response. Finally called, they cant send me new shoes, I have to wait for refund, then go back and do the whole order again. What a waste of time! I just want the shoes I ordered, don't understand why if the delivery is messed up it cancels your all order. very annoyed"

maria says

"Please AVOID! I am still waiting for some feedback, not asking for money refund yet , for reimbursing procedure of a parcel that was shipped wrongly by , and after some days still waiting. I am afraid to think about the time they will take for money refund properly The acid test of a company is how well they perform when things go wrong. I wonder how many other customers have been inconvenienced. They clearly don't care about their customers or errors like this would be taken more seriously. Overall, Sarenza seems to me a very unprofessional commercial enterprise and I have been deeply disappointed with them. They have zero concept of customer service, or frankly how to run a business."

Bartek says

"Worst company ever. NEVER buy stuff from them. Worst customer service ever! Bought some shoes that wore out after six months. Needed repair them. After contacting Sarenza it took aprox one week to get an answer. Replied I should get a quote for repair. Did not want to refund the purchase. Got a quote from a local shoemaker. They did not accept the quote and wanted me to go to other shoemakers. Do they really think Im going to shop around quotes? Answered that it is there responsibility to repair the shoes according to Swedish law. No reply yet. Guess they wont."

Abu Numan says

"I ordered some trainers. 1 week later got an e-mail, sorry for the delay. another 6 days later, another e-mail, sorry for the delay. a few days later i e-mailed customer service, they apologised for the delay and assured me that the order is being fulfilled. a week later i e-mailed again, 3 days later i got an e-mail telling me that my order has been cancelled (and refunded) but the trainers are in stock if i would like to order again. What a poor excuse for a company, I will never use them again even if the deals look really good."